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Care and Maintenance of Glass and Hardware

We get asked a lot what we clean glass in the factory with and the answer might surprise you.
Cleaning the glass

We get asked quite a lot what recommendations we have to clean glass and more importantly help keep it clean. Follow these simple points to increase the life span of your glass products.


In spite of its name, glass cleaner is not very good at cleaning some of your glass products and in fact, we recommend you don’t ever buy some particular types or even have them in your house!. Some glass cleaners clean window glass as you would expect, but some glass cleaners contain some chemicals such as ammonia that can actually do more harm to your mirrors and glass splashbacks then good. Its very easy to grab a can of class cleaner and starting cleaning the mirrors in the bathroom, the whole time your are increasing the chance of “edge creep” (where the edges go brown and rusty and start to flake off the back of the mirror). So we recommend throwing out all your glass cleaners unless your very strict on only using glass cleaner on your windows (even then, it doesn’t do your window rubber any good).

We recommend using a spray bottle of 50% metho and 50% water and the use of a good quality microfibre cloth. It is cheaper then most glass cleaner products and wont excellerate the chance of edge creep on your mirrors or eat away at the paint or digital print on the rear side of your glass splashback. It is as simple as that.


With some basic maintenance and care, your new glass products will stay clean for longer and wont take much effort to clean if you take a moment to keep it clean in the first place. For example, to keep potenially damaging water stain and spots (Yes they do damage the surface of the glass over time) get into the habbit of keeping a squeegee handy in the shower and take just a moment  to squeegee your screen down as you hope out every day. Its only takes less than 30 secs but will keep your glass looking like new for a lot longer. Here is our formal take on the basics to longer lasting new clear glass.

How to Care for your Glass

Glass that is neglected or ignored will accumulate water spots, which will eventually turn into mineral deposits.

• The best way to keep the glass free of potentially damaging water spots is to squeegee the glass after every use. A routine of using a squeegee on a daily basis is a great habit to get into. It’s a minimal investment in time, and will save you a great deal of cleaning at a later date.

• Using a liquid surface protector to protect your glass is a good idea. Any type of Transparent Polymer Coating (TPC) Surface Protector can help to repel water off of the glass, but is not intended to replace the use of a squeegee and will not make your shower screen maintenance free as some of those products suggest (You have been warned).

• You have made an investment in your home by including a new shower screen of the highest quality materials. By following these simple guidelines you can greatly increase the life of the hardware and glass.Which brings me to my new point.

How to Care for your Hardware

In addition to keeping your glass clean and just as important is the care of your hardware which is sometimes overlooked. The hardware is the hinges or door handle or the pivot blocks on the door.

• The best way to maintain the beautiful finish on the hardware is to wipe it down after every use. After you shower, use a dry towel to thoroughly dry the hardware. If the hardware is kept clean after every use, it will not collect mineral deposits that require the use of a soap solution (noted below).

• If you are unable to dry the hardware after every use, a weekly cleaning is suggested. The correct method to be used in cleaning the hardware is a mild soap and warm water mixture. Mix a couple of drips of mild liquid soap, such as Ivory or similar product, into a cup of warm water. Using a soft, non-abrasive cloth, proceed to clean the hardware. After you’ve cleaned the hardware, rinse thoroughly with clean warm water and dry.

• WARNING: Never use an abrasive cleanser of any kind on the hardware. Many of the components are coated with a clear lacquer that will be irreparably damaged if subjected to harsh abrasive chemicals or scrubbing devices.

So there you have it, the secret to keeping that sprakle and shine to your new glass products from Harbour Glass.

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