About us

Our story

An iconic name well recognised in the industry

A vision and a dream to be recognised as the Coffs Coast leading Architectural Glazing business was achieved by the original and founding owners. The reins were then handed over to Nathan and his team over 10 years ago. Harbour Glass is synonymous with slumped glass. Every piece is unique, much like a fingerprint, every pattern and texture is embedded by hand into the kiln,therefore every piece becomes personalised to suit your space or home. Harbour Glass is use by the Coffs Coast leading builders and cabinet makers.

  • Locally Owned
  • Locally Operated
  • Frameless Architectural Specialists
  • New & Trending Ideas
  • All Round Good Guys
  • Stealthy Ninjas

What We Offer

If your looking for windows or residential glazing then you are not at the right place.  Harbour Glass is a glazing company that specializes in Architectural & Frameless applications and we always relish the opportunity to take on the jobs that “Can’t be done”

We understand requirements - Get the right advice for you

Come and see us at our showroom to get the right advice that may save you money down the track

We work precisely

Tried and tested procedures go hand-in-hand with modern & evolving technology at Harbour Glass. We work to one of the lowest tolerances in the building industry.

Does cheaper mean better?

An age old saying.... We don't cut corners or opt for the cheaper option at Harbour Glass. Come and talk to us and you will see why.

We provide the highest quality products in industry

We never settle for substandard hardware or consumables

Our expert team

With many combined years of dedicated service to the glazing industry you can be assured of our team’s professional workmanship and exceptional skills.